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Data being collected on Seven Fields speed bumps

SEVEN FIELDS — Borough Council President Kimberly Regan-Koch told the public Monday, May 22, that traffic data will be collected on 10 new speed bumps over the next two months.

“We are looking into the levels, our borough engineer is checking that, and we will be assessing speed data over the next 30 to 60 days and making determinations as to what we figure we will move forward doing,” Regan-Koch said.

The 10 speed bumps are part of a traffic-calming project in the borough. Construction began May 11.

Mayor Dean Galitsis said one of the speed bumps is directly in front of his house, and he already has noticed an improvement in traffic.

“Whereas it used to be cars flying in both directions, now I’m at least seeing cars slowing down,” Galitsis said. “It’s kind of a fake out for me, because I think they’re trying to stop at my house, but they are in fact slowing down.”

Resident Sharon Stiller thanked the borough for initiating the project, but suggested the speed bumps needed to be higher to be effective.

“I want to tell you, I still support your speed bumps, I think it was the right thing to do,” Stiller said. “I personally think you have to make steps, sometimes they have to be small steps.

“I think putting the speed bumps in was a good thing; I am very disappointed that they’re not the appropriate height.”

She also addressed concerns over commuter traffic in the borough largely ignoring the speed bumps.

According to speed data collected on Old Mars Crider Road from May 15 through Sunday, less than 1% of the 22,170 drivers were driving at “high risk” speeds — 45 miles per hour or more. The posted speed limit is 25 miles per hour.

Just under 3% were driving at “medium risk” speeds of 35 to 44 miles per hour.

Approximately 52% drove within “low risk” speeds at 25 to 34 miles an hour, while around 44% abided strictly by the road’s speed limit

“It’s not a completed project as of yet,” Regan-Koch said, “so we understand your concerns.”

Pool opening set

According to administrative assistant Dawn Hoenig, the Seven Fields Town Park Pool is scheduled to open Saturday, May 27.

“Cleaners are coming in to clean, making sure everything’s sanitized,” Hoenig said.

The pool recently completed a second phase of renovations, updating its exterior to match the recently renovated Community Center.

Resident Mary Pirt complimented the borough on the improvements, saying they make Seven Fields “classier and classier.”

“I’d like to say: the pool improvements, I love them,” Pirt said. “I think it adds a lot to the community. Whether you use it or not, it just adds a lot.”

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