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Man found with thousands of pills, other drugs

William Blackham

A Middlesex Township man is accused of selling drugs in two different cases, one of which related to copious amounts of drugs found in his home Wednesday.

Both the Butler County Drug Task Force and the Middlesex Township police filed charges Thursday against William Blackham, 26, cumulatively including nine felony counts of drug sales.

Across both cases, Blackham was also charged with multiple

misdemeanors, including two counts of possessing drug paraphernalia, one count of drug possession and two counts of driving under the influence.

Blackham was taken to Butler County Prison on $25,000 bond, which he posted Wednesday.

While Middlesex Township police filed charges based on a traffic stop in April, Butler County detectives found the brunt of drugs during a Wednesday search of Blackham’s home.

“(Blackham) was detained when leaving the residence at approximately 10:10 a.m.,” said detectives in the affidavit.

Task force members found 267 meth pills, 79 MDMA pills, 504 alprazolam pills, five oxycodone pills, 1,456 psilocybin mushroom capsules, 1,928 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, 90 grams of DMT, 26 grams of ketamine, 31 grams of MDMA, 20 grams of cocaine and 29 individually-rolled marijuana cigarettes.

Task force members also found $12,150 in cash, $7,000 in counterfeit cash, two pistols and one .223-caliber rifle, according to documents.

Though the visit to Blackham’s home revealed the higher amount of drugs, it was pre-recorded bills found during an April 17 traffic stop by Middlesex police that may have led the task force to Blackham’s door.

According to charging documents, police were parked for routine traffic patrol, and at 2:05 a.m. officers watched Blackham pull into a parking lot across the street.

Police said they saw the headlights go out, and then after 10 minutes, they approached and found Blackham passed out behind the wheel of the still-running vehicle.

“(Blackham) had urinated his pants,” said police in the affidavit. “I knocked on the window several times before the male opened his eyes and finally opened the driver-side door.”

Police said as Blackham exited the car, they saw a wallet wedged into the driver-side doorjamb, and it held a large amount of cash. Police said they also spotted multiple small plastic bags commonly used to package drugs.

Police said after failing field sobriety tests, Blackham had his blood tested, which has since established that his blood-alcohol content was 0.141%. In Pennsylvania, the legal limit is 0.08%.

Police arrested Blackham for DUI, and while waiting for his transport to the hospital for the testing, they collected items from the vehicle, including the suspicious items spotted openly in the vehicle, police said.

“William’s keys were in the center console cup holder,” police said. “When I removed his keys, I found one blue pill (of Oxycodone.)”

District Judge William Fullerton granted a search warrant, and police searched Blackham’s vehicle more thoroughly at 10:18 a.m. April 17.

Police found 69 pills of Xanax in an over-the-counter pill bottle, a container of a white powder substance, a stiletto knife and $4,815 in cash.

“It was determined that some of the money that William had in his wallet was buy money from a Butler County Drug Task Force investigation,” police said.

Police said 10 of the bills, totaling $260, had been marked by the task force.

According to documents, while speaking with police following the DUI, Blackham claimed he runs a cash business, which is why he carried so much on-hand.

“I asked William if he sold or traded pills for profit. William stated he did not, but he sometimes gives them to friends in need,” police said.

Blackham is scheduled to appear Wednesday for a preliminary hearing before District Judge Sue Haggerty.

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