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Independence Day crashes in Butler area down over last year, in contrast to statewide trend

Pennsylvania State Police reported a steep decrease in motor vehicle crashes and DUIs in the Butler area over the Independence Day holiday this year compared to last year. This is in contrast to the statewide trend, as Pennsylvania reported more accidents, more DUI arrests, more injuries, and far more fatalities this year.

In 2024, Troop D — which covers Butler, Beaver, Lawrence, Mercer and Armstrong counties — reported 38 crashes and 18 injuries over the Independence Day holiday, along with 37 DUI arrests. The crash and DUI numbers are a substantial decline from last year, when Troop D reported 48 crashes and 60 DUIs. Injuries, however, were up this year from last year’s 12.

No fatalities were reported in the Troop D area either year.

The general improvement in the Troop D area was not matched around the rest of the state. Overall, the state reported 774 crashes — 11 fatal — with 244 injuries, along with 556 DUI arrests. All of these are major increases from last year’s numbers: 668 crashes, 3 fatal crashes, 194 injuries, and 505 DUI arrests.

Across the state, there were four DUI-related fatal crashes this year, compared to none last year.

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