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Charges refiled against man accused of assaulting woman with butt of a gun

Charges were updated and refiled in the case against a man who allegedly assaulted a woman with the butt of a gun and attempted to pull out her tongue in a wooded area of his parents’ property in Fairview Township last week.

On Wednesday, state police refiled charges against Joseph Parker, 33, of Karns City, to include counts of felonies strangulation, 10 counts of prohibited possession of a firearm and misdemeanors possession of unlawful body armor, simple assault, terroristic threats, reckless endangerment and animal cruelty.

The woman told police that she spent Friday, March 10, with Parker in a camper on the property. According to documents, Parker dragged the woman inside the camper and began hitting her with the butt of a rifle, causing injury to the area below her right eye.

Parker also grabbed the woman’s tongue and “attempted to pull it out,” documents showed. Police said he then pointed a pistol at the woman and threatened to kill her.

Police said Parker also threatened to shoot the woman’s dog and twisted its ear.

Police said a search was conducted of Parker’s camper on March 11. They discovered nine rifles, a shotgun, two pistols without serial numbers and an additional pistol, a grenade launcher, a German stick grenade, 865 founds of various ammunition, two Kevlar vests and multiple ammo magazines.

Parker was found in possession of 119 rounds of .223 bullets and 13 rounds of 9 mm bullets, according to a news release.

A search of his home found multiple firearms, ammunition, a grenade, Kevlar vests and THC cartridges, police said.

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