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County commissioners to discuss election review

County commissioners will discuss the 2020 election review at their meeting Wednesday.

The three weeks the commissioners allotted to review the vote counts from the Butler 4-1, Donegal Township and Middlesex Township South precincts ended Friday without the completion of the Middlesex Township South review.

The commissioners will decide whether to proceed with reviewing Middlesex Township South ballots.

Leslie Osche, chairwoman of the commissioners, said if the commissioners decide to proceed with the Middlesex review, it would be conducted after the November election.

She said the review of all three precincts probably would have been completed if the reviewed didn’t have to be suspended for four or five days due to illness.

Those three precincts were randomly selected for the review, which involves counting votes cast in all races by hand and by machine to determine the time, staffing and resources needed to conduct hand counts and to review the reconciliation between voter registration rolls and the vote count.

The review began July 27, and Butler 4-1 and Donegal Township reviews were completed Aug. 11.

One discrepancy, an “overvote” in which a voter marked his or her ballot outside the circle that was supposed to be filled in for one race, was found on one ballot from Donegal Township. No other discrepancies were found.