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Mars Borough water leak found, repaired

The Mars Borough sign. Butler Eagle file photo.

Residents of Mars Borough reported discolored water due to a water line break on Wednesday afternoon.

The break in the water system was caught by the Mars Borough Public Works Department and repaired between 12:30 and 1 p.m., according to Mars Borough Mayor Gregg Hartung.

“The first report I got was at a quarter to 12,” Hartung said. “I was getting people concerned about it contacting me, so I was trying to stay abreast of what was happening.”

The water problem, Hartung said, did not make the water dangerous to drink, despite brown discoloration. Bonnie Forsythe, Mars Borough Secretary/Treasurer, confirmed that no alerts were issued not to drink the water.

“We got reports from both sides of town, so it was pretty widespread, but thankfully they found it relatively quickly,” Forsythe said.

In a public service announcement on the Mars Borough website, the borough advised residents to run their water until it is clear.

“You may wish to do this at multiple locations within your residents/property to help the process go faster,” the post read. “If you have any questions, please call the Borough office at 724-625-1858."

Hartung said that the discoloration was likely due to old water lines.

“Sometimes, when they are disrupted, there might be a little bit of sediment that happens in them, but there’s no indication that there’s anything that was a danger to anybody,” Hartung said.

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