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Elementary students learn to be safe in and around water

Seneca Valley seventh-grader Braden Rubinosky, 13, demonstrates kayaking safety techniques at the district's Elementary Water Safety Program at the Aquatic Center Tuesday. The program teaches students a range of water safety lessons from boating safety to swimming. Seb Foltz/Butler Eagle

JACKSON TWP — Elementary students throughout the Seneca Valley School District visited the district’s new Aquatic Center this week to learn how to stay safe this summer as they enjoy pools, ponds, rivers and even the ocean.

Lee Mullet, the physical education teacher at Evans City Elementary School who helped start the elementary water safety program during the 2014-15 school year, said students from all four elementary schools in the district learn the main concepts of water safety from physical education teachers and varsity swimming and diving club leaders.

“I hope the kids learn how to swim and be safe,” Mullet said. “Kids don’t pay attention to what they’re doing, and that’s when you get the accidents and injuries.”

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