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Elections were smooth, county says

Stickers are pictured during the primary election at the Orchard Hill Church on Tuesday in Butler. Joseph Ressler/Butler Eagle

Roughly 200 Butler County voters’ ballots were counted Tuesday thanks to an agreement between the county and the U.S. Postal Service, as the county boasts of a smooth election.

County solicitor Wil White said Wednesday the county did not experience any widespread issues with the primary election Tuesday, noting new cooperation with the Butler Post Office led to the county counting more valid votes than it otherwise would have.

White said the county was able to pick up mail four times — rather than its normal once — from the Butler Post Office on Tuesday.

“That was something that the postal service and the Department of State and our staff had identified as a problem, and we wanted to try and close that window,” White said. “Through some planning and some preparation, there was definitely an improvement.”

Roughly 200 ballots were picked up with the three additional mail runs, according to White. Those votes would not have been received on time and, therefore, not counted but for those runs, he added.

“Almost every one of those — I was looking when they came in — were postmarked the day before the election, on the 16th,” White said.

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