SV student earns perfect score of 36 on ACT test

November 8, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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David Choi

JACKSON TWP — Two-tenths of 1 percent of the 1.9 million students who take the ACT each year earn a perfect composite score of 36 on their college preparatory exam.

Seneca Valley School District is home to one such student — David Choi, a junior whom the school board recognized at Monday night's meeting.

Board member Fred Peterson told David his accomplishment is exemplary and what the district hopes its students achieve. “You make us all proud,” he said.

The board asked David how he studied for the exam, which tests students' abilities in English, math, reading and science. He said he took previous tests over the course of one or two months.

He also confessed that his perfect score wasn't on the first test he took.

“I got a 35, and that wasn't the score I wanted,” David said as the board laughed.

A composite score of 35 still is in the 99th percentile, according to the ACT's website. Composite scores are averages of individual test section scores, and perfect scores do not necessarily mean every question was answered correctly.

David said he intends to go to college for computer science and hopes to have relevant experience in the field before matriculating. He said that one college he plans to apply to is Carnegie Mellon University.

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Alex Weidenhof

Alex Weidenhof