More protections sought for documents in false sexual assault case

February 8, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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PITTSBURGH — Complete student records for a Zelienople boy falsely accused of sexual assault are being sought by one of the defendants in a federal civil suit related to the case.

According to documents filed last week, attorneys for David and Christine Seaman are seeking the records of minor student T.F., who the lawsuit contends suffered torment and trauma as a result of false sexual assault allegations made against him. The suit was filed in October by the boy’s parents, Alecia and Michael Flood Jr., and names five “Mean Girls” and their families as well as the Seneca Valley School District, Butler County and the Butler County District Attorney’s Office.

According to documents filed by the Floods’ attorney, Craig Fishman, the Seamans sought a complete copy of the school records for T.F. from eighth grade to the present, except for those protected by HIPAA laws.

Fishman asked that the request be denied, saying the release of that information is premature.

In a response to that motion, defendants George Villegas, Jr. and Pam Villegas, David Sherk and Christy Sherk, David Seaman and Christine Seaman, and Cris Salancy and Kimberly Salancy, on behalf of themselves and their children, Meghan Villegas, K.S., C.S. and E.S., said they do not object to a protective order. However, they asked that all parties be restricted in releasing information contained in the files, and that any “depositions, discovery, motions or pleadings be done under seal.”

Additionally, the defendants agreed with Fishman’s motion asking that Seneca Valley compile the requested information, but do nothing with it until a court order is made.

As of Wednesday, no action has been taken on the matter by chief U.S. District Judge Mark Hornak.

Also named in the suit are David and Lynn Reina, the parents of minor H.R. The family is unrepresented, according to court documents, and is subject to a default judgment in the case.

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