Mars school officials discuss new technology

September 12, 2018 Cranberry Breaking News

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ADAMS TWP - A lengthy discussion on the district's technology dominated Tuesday's Mars School Board meeting.

During the board's regular meeting Tuesday, Wes Shipley, superintendent, said because of the delay in approving recent technology purchases, equipment was not delivered as quickly as expected. That lead to some students not receiving their computers on time,

Shipley also cited internal issues with spreadsheets indicating who should receive the equipment, but said at this point, every high school student who should have a computer has one.

“We did recognize that they went out slower than we had hoped, but the most important thing is when they received their computers, everything was operational,” he said, adding the software, servers and other technology have worked well thus far. “Right now, we find ourselves in a pretty good place.”

Shipley added that eighth grade students will receive their computers Thursday, and seventh graders on Friday. He said those machines were intentionally held from students as final tweaks were made to the system.

“We didn't want to give them the Chromebooks only to have them have to change operating systems six days into school,” he said.

Shipley said crews worked “tirelessly” to implement the new technology and make sure the system was operational.

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